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One Voice is a nonprofit public charity establish in 2005. Our volunteers have been serving communities across the state and nation by helping individuals and their families who struggle with substance abuse and other life controlling issues. West Virginia is ranked number 1 in the nation for overdoses and deaths. Through the years we have seen this worsen on many levels, however, grassroots companies like One Voice are working diligently every day to help our communities…one family at a time.

  • 24/7 Crisis Referral

  • Personal Mentoring

  • Support Groups

  • Supervise College Interns

  • Community Outreaches

  • Workshops and Trainings

  • Community Events and Project Assistance

  • Provide services to individuals statewide

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Food For Angels Program for High Risk Children

  • Guest Speaking

  • Recovery Coach

What Others are Saying

“I am an intern at ONE VOICE Inc. located in Pineville, WV. The community that ONE VOICE is located in has a serious substance abuse problem. A lot of people that are plagued with this issue are looking for help. ONE VOICE wants and does help these people. In my time here , I have seen how much every person that participates in ONE VOICE truly wants to help the clients stop abusing drugs. This is just the tip of the iceberg for volunteers and interns. ONE VOICE also strives to help the clients improve their lifestyle and quality of living. ONE VOICE and all of its volunteer/interns are deeply devoted to improving every client’s quality of living and the overall community that we all live in.”

Derek Adkins , College Intern

“There is a difference in the impact of ONE VOICE compared to other community based groups. Those that suffer from addiction are treated as individuals, with care and concern. People are considered people, not bad people. They are people who have made bad decisions, people who need guidance and understanding. As a community we tend to forget that many of these people are our parents, teachers, neighbors, family members and fill many roles in our communities.”

Teresa Wayman , M. ED

“Change is not comfortable, but if you are content and comfortable where you are, you not growing, and if you’re not growing than you’re being stagnant. And where there is stagnation, disease spreads, the water gets murky and cloudy, and so do my actions and thoughts, and this for me is not a good place. To me stagnation means my disease of addiction grabbing ahold of me, instead of me holding onto it.
Where there is light there can be no darkness.

If I have learned one thing it is that through all my adversity I have developed humility, strength, character and faith beyond belief and it grows more and more every day. With all the obstacles and struggles I have been through it is with GOD that all things are possible.”

Belinda , A Voice for Recovery

I love working with the One Voice team. It is amazing to see how God uses the willing members of this team to accomplish His plan. The One Voice Team is a family of individuals that are passionate about helping the communities of West Virginia.

Scottie McKinney, One Voice Board President

Volunteering at One Voice has enabled me to put into practice all the Christian principles that I have learned over the years in church; feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, giving hope to the hopeless.

Melonie Terry, One Voice Program Director

One Voice in the Media

Addiction Affects Everyone

Thank you to PBS, John Grant and his crew for making this very difficult subject news worthy and visible!!

Substance abuse truly does impact everyone and the children are just left to cope. This 7 minute video depicts the tremendous outcry of children and the help that is needed to fight for recovery in our very own hometown.

One Voice has been impacting communities since 2005, even before anyone openly discussed substance abuse. We need your help!!

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